• Blair Brady

Why you should love your agency

Corporate teams, if you don’t love your agency, you’re working with the wrong one. Agencies, if you don’t love your clients, you’re also doing it wrong.

We’ve all been there.

You’ve put your agency on mute mid-call to react to their lackluster strategy or creative recommendation.

You’ve put your client on mute to ask your team “what in the literal hell are they thinking?” (Side note: Always have the important meetings in person – this takes the mute button out of the equation.)

The almost second nature eye roll and heavy sigh when your agency is calling…again.

That familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach when your client is calling, and you know it’s going to be a less than complimentary discussion.

Stop. Just stop.

And ask yourself: “Do I love my agency?”
Or: "Does my client love my team?"

Love is the most important agency KPI.

Yes, revenue is important. Yes, your client roster is important. But when you hear the words,

“I just love these guys”

– that’s when you've reached the good stuff. Don’t get me wrong, “we found more budget” is also lovely. However, when agencies make themselves invaluable is the exact moment when their clients begin to love them. Otherwise, the relationship becomes transactional. And when that happens, you make yourself a commodity – and commodities are replaceable.

The best client/agency relationships can be built on revenues, but they’re sustained on love. Only the word “love” can encompass the most important parts of a relationship: trust and respect.

Here’s my formula:

Without love, you take away an agency’s ability to be empowered to deliver work effectively and efficiently. This is how unhealthy client/agency relationships begin - with a lack of trust, respect, and essentially, love.

When you have a relationship built with love as the KPI, you make room for mistakes. I don’t mean mistakes like avoidable oversights or errors, I’m talking about failed experiments - the hallowed ground where the greatest learning takes place. Love creates an unconditional relationship and allows for experimentation on both sides of the equation.

With love as your relationship currency, the barrier of experimentation is broken down to get to the truth faster. It allows the agency to be accountable because they were empowered and trusted from the start. It takes away the need for “spin” or explanation and makes room for a way forward. The easier the path forward is, the faster growth and success will come.

And when THAT’S where you find your long-term revenue.


Blair Brady, CEO | Co-Founder

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