• Blair Brady

Why I'm Not Scared for 2021

I’m not scared of 2021 because we are WITH. In 2020, the strangest, most uncontrollable year yet, I witnessed what WITH can do.

I list the following things with gratitude, not boastfulness:

  • We came together when so many divided.

  • We achieved stability under immense uncertainty.

  • We never broke focus despite immense pressure.

  • Most importantly, we showed up for our clients, their businesses and each other and put in the work.

WITH is different.

WITH works differently than other agencies which allows us to uniquely serve our clients in ways that create an essential relationship.

I remember clearly in March of 2020 asking the WITH/team to return to what we know for our clients: their brand purpose and brand promise, why they exist, and what they do. The goal was to reframe those things in the realities of the new world we were all living in. This was our new brief. Immediately, we proactively recommended how we could partner with our clients and pivot. We didn’t wait for them to re-brief us. Instead, we leaned into our foundation in brand and strategy to find solid ground and a way forward.

A saying that I’ve kept in my windshield over the past year is - “What needs to be done eventually, must be done immediately.” It was clear that the exercise of identifying the essential work, people, and processes in an agency should be done frequently - not only when it is forced upon us. This past year was an eye-opener in that practice as it was a year of renovation and reinvention. Reinvention, not in a way of changing who we are, but in understanding what makes us wonderfully different and truly lean into that to grow from that foundation.

I’m proud and grateful to say that we are heading into 2021 stronger and more prepared than we ever have been as an agency.

So, because we’re not scared of 2021, our clients aren’t either - and you shouldn’t be. If you are confident in your agency partners, your team, and your work - 2021 is your oyster. Go get it.

Blair Brady

Co-Founder and CEO


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