• Blair Brady

What is creative diversity? And why you need to live by it.

Creative diversity can be defined in lots of ways.

To me, it is best represented in two distinct categories, but equally important and symbiotic components:

Diversity of Creative Product

Diversity of Creative Thought

Time to break it down.

Diversity of Creative Product - def. creating in different formats, for different industries and strategies.

I believe that today’s most effective agencies must have diversity of creative product. Why is that important? The sun is making a swift dive for the horizon line on the days of agencies thriving by gaining notoriety in a single industry (automotive, pharmaceutical, energy) or a single discipline (advertising, social, etc.). Brands are facing a new reality today that requires a flexible and nimble approach to how they show up in the world. This is a reality where siloed efforts (brand side and agency side) are becoming extinct. Great creative and strategic talent can and should create vision for any topic in any medium.

Diversity of Creative Thought - def. having representation from different world views and backgrounds.

I also believe the best creative comes out of diversity of thought. Why is that so important? Because if a creative team is made up of people of similar backgrounds and experiences, then it’s likely they know how to solve the same problems the same way.

The same people solve the same problems the same way.

This very limiting. However, a creative team made up of people with different backgrounds and experiences will likely know how to solve a diverse set of problems in a lot of different ways.

To become an organization that can flex to be truly creatively diverse, it’s nearly impossible to do so without both parts. Striking a balance in creative that can resonate widely - without alienating a population of people, yet authentically - to feel personal and relevant is one of the hardest things to achieve. The most sound route to assure you don’t have a blind spot in your approach or miss impact is to create with a plethora of viewpoints.

The organizational perspective has been covered on this topic, but I truly believe it’s important not to overlook the personal side of this. I find the highest performers surround themselves with people who have alternate life stages, backgrounds and skill sets than their own. Not only do they surround themselves with diverse individuals, but they push themselves to gain exposure themselves to different things - art, culture, music, food, etc.

This creates the best kind of life-long learner. It’s a way of learning that can’t be found in a thousand books, documentaries or podcasts (though also powerful tools). It’s this lifestyle of life-long learning that we fiercely encourage to be practiced by everyone at WITH. It makes us stronger individually and collectively, which in turn, makes us a more powerful asset for our client partners.


Blair Brady, CEO | Co-Founder

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