• Caleb Holland

How to Practice Safe Sets

In a capricious and unpredictable year, the WITH/agency was fortunate to stay busy. As such, our staff was tasked with continuing to create meaningful work for our clients while staying safe. We were early to return to set after the lockdowns lifted in Georgia, and we thoughtfully and carefully navigated our approach to Safe Sets

The projects featured in this e-book were innovative in approach and safely executed. In 2020, we’ve captured the heartbreaking yet inspiring story of a Holocaust survivor, a celebrity graduation live-stream, and numerous broadcast commercials. We’ve managed to continue working, innovating, and hopefully paving a way for others in the industry while doing the work we love.  

Please download and enjoy our e-book Practice Safe Sets during COVID-19. We hope this is a fun guide and resource to kick off your own safe sets discussions.  

Caleb Holland WITH/agency, /studios  

Executive Producer, Director

Practice Safe Sets During Covid-19 by WI
Download • 15.50MB

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