• Blair Brady

Five Tips for Driving Business Value Through Branding

When you hear the word brand, what do you think about? Often in business, we limit the definition of brand to simply a visual identity or logo mark. But it’s more than that. A brand is the overall experience a business delivers to customers and partners. A strong brand leaves a powerful, positive impression building loyalty with customers on both a functional and emotional level.

To truly unlock your business’s value potential, investing and focusing on your brand is vital. To help, here are five tips to better develop your overall brand.

Document your assets

What makes your brand unique? Whether it’s a process, people, location, experience, IP or a combination of all of them, your brand is a critical ingredient for your business. Your unique brand assets differentiate your business from competitors, so it’s critical to identify what they are and invest in their strengths. The first step is to simply write them down.

Deliver your promise

Good friends don’t break promises– and the same goes for brands. The promises brands make act as a benchmark for people to assess a brand’s trustworthiness. So what does your business promise? If you aren’t sure, imagine your business on its best day and consider what it is truly capable of delivering. Distill those thoughts into a few sentences and use them to keep your business accountable in performance.

Develop your character

Successful brands leave a good impression. They’re memorable. Why? Because they actually have a personality. They took the time to develop a voice that engages their customers like actual people. To help develop your brand’s character, start with Carl Jung’s archetypes.* His framework creates a launchpad for describing your brand in human terms -- making it more relatable to your customers.

Discover your champions

The most powerful way to get new business is through referrals. When someone feels so strongly and positively about an experience they had with your brand that they want to tell others, they become your brand champions. Who is already acting as a volunteer advocate for your business? Spend time considering who those people are and what makes them tick. Because when you can identify your advocates, you can better target people similar to them, creating more and more advocates.

Reveal your why

Finally, define why your business exists beyond delivering a product or service. It’s tough to do. In creating a purpose, craft an aspirational, value-based rallying cry that infuses meaning into the day-to-day work of your business.

Through these five tasks, you can begin orchestrating a comprehensive brand experience that is critical to creating and increasing value for your business. As an agency for brands, these same areas are at the core of our WITH/brand reveal process which helps clients realize the powerful impact a strong, well articulated brand has on sales, loyalty and employee engagement. We call it a reveal process because your identity cannot be applied or layered on top like a fresh coat of paint. The truth lies within your business, it's simply our job to help you reveal it. If you’re looking to find a partner to help with a rebrand or to lead the development of a new business venture, our proven WITH Brand Reveal Process will help.

Reach out to us today to find out more at: info@thewithagency.com.

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