• Blair Brady

Create Content that Cuts Through

It’s getting very crowded out on the communication front lines. Barraged by 5,000 messages daily, we’re all caught in a messaging firestorm and escape isn’t easy. More than ever, creating content that connects with your target is a complex task.

Time for a simple approach.

Here are 4 Tips to Sharpen Your Content for 2017

01 Tell a Visual Story

The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. A striking visual is essential to creating great content, but words are a weapon, too. Great copy can captivate and create an emotional connection. Choose your words carefully.

02 Make it Skimmable

Does your content pass the skim test? Long form, short form, video form - skimming is the act of making one of three split second decisions on engagement: Now. Later. Never. Great content is inviting not imposing - no matter what format or length.

03 Frame it to be Relatable

Understand the marriage of content and context. One size doe snot fit all. Invest time framing your message to your audience and deliver it with niched targeting.

04 Credibility Counts

Fake news, false ad claims and more have our collective guards up. In a desperate attempt for engagement, too many brands kick credibility to the curb. Do it right. Use your credibility to make your content stand out.

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