SlideShare: A Lifesaver for Repurposing Content and Driving ROI

All of us are swimming in a sea of digital content. Online, social, mobile, email. It just keeps washing up and the storm is showing no signs of calm.

Like many marketers, you may find yourself fighting to just tread water in the daily demands of corporate content consumption, development, approval and distribution. To help you catch your breath, try this content lifeline to get more out of the content you may already have.

Blogs are a core part of any strong content strategy but are your readers really reading? Or are they skimming? We believe its more of the latter.

To repurpose your blogs for more engagement try repurposing one into a SlideShare. It may take a little design time but the social, linking and SEO benefits are worth the effort.

Here is a great sample of one WITH did for Southworth Paper for its Land the Job campaign.

With over 80k views (all organic), this simple SlideShare keeps re-surfing the internet organically with long tail engagement that is far better than the numbers the initial blog post received.

At WITH, we have seen great success for clients by using SlideShare to get more out of their content marketing investment. Here are few key benefits SlideShare provides.

  • Owned by LinkedIn, so the platform works great for social sharing

  • Using SlideShare improves the search results of your blog posts

  • Once developed, the format is easily shared in native format across all major social feeds and embedded online

  • If applicable, you can link your SlideShare to drive and capture leads

So when are looking for a new trick to help get your content back into shape, give SlideShare a try and see if the results help you get more ROI out of your content marketing efforts.

Find this interesting? We hope so. That was our plan.

WITH is a creative agency where people, ideas and brands intersect to create content with meaning. We’re a curious group of agency veterans who appreciate meeting new people and working with exciting brands.

To get in touch WITH/us, send us a note

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